About CODE

CODE was created by Helen Adcock and Mike Carpenter to offer private sector development and landowning clients a specialist and dynamic service to add value through the planning processes.

Helen and Mike boast over 50 years' of experience in spatial planning having formerly been partners and directors of planning teams in multi-disciplinary organisations in the East and South East of England.

Land development involves a network of complex and interrelated processes, including those required to secure allocations in development plan documents and in the achievement of planning permissions. Helen and Mike believe passionately that the role of the planning consultant is to ensure the complexity of the process is managed with a clear and efficient vision. The achievement of commercially viable planning permissions must be proactively and expertly 'driven' in the most professional and cost effective manner on foundations of clear strategies and recommendations.

Such an approach requires an experienced lead consultant with an understanding of the wider development process. The approach also requires a planning consultancy that is able to concentrate appropriate resource on individual instructions. CODE carefully manages its workload so that each instruction receives the necessary time and attention from senior and experienced consultants to achieve results.