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Land east of Greens Farm Lane, Billericay

Location: Basildon Borough
Client: Commercial Estates Group
Size/Use: c380 new homes with central area of strategic multi-functional recreational open space

CODE is leading a multi-disciplinary team in the promotion of approximately 28 hectares of land on the edge of Billericay for release from the Green Belt and allocation for housing framing a significant area of publicly accessible recreational open space, plus associated infrastructure.

Prior to CEG’s and CODE’s involvement, the site had been identified as a proposed allocation in early consultation drafts of the emerging development plan but subsequently dropped from later versions. CODE identified weaknesses in the Council’s evidence base and set about addressing the misconceptions related to the site. This provided the platform for engagement with local stakeholders and the preparation of robust technical information to support representations to the emerging development plan documents.

The proposals represent a major opportunity to relieve recreational pressure on the adjacent Mill Meadows Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by creating a multifunctional green space which balances formal and informal recreation space with increased nature conservation and biodiversity gains. It will also provide a green link between Mill Meadows and the countryside to the south east. The delivery of new, much needed family homes, integrated with the existing communities will provide public access through a new network of footpaths and bridleways across and within the green space, opening up far reaching views of both townscape and landscape.

Capability Statement