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South Maldon Garden Suburb

Location: Maldon District
Client: Commercial Estates Group
Size/Use: 1,375 homes, primary school, 3.4ha of employment land and associated infrastructure

CODE led a multi-disciplinary team in the promotion of a new garden suburb extension to the historic town of Maldon.

Following extensive public consultation exercises in which the Promoters took a leading role, Maldon District Council allocated the site in the Maldon District Local Plan as the larger part of the garden suburb. CODE supported the council through the Local Plan Examination in Public process. The Promoters prepared a strategic masterplan framework for the area which formed the basis of an application for outline planning permission.

The application was accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment and CODE led negotiations with Maldon District Council, Essex County Council and other relevant authorities. The delivery of the site required an understanding and co-ordination of matters including highways, transport, ecology, flood risk, landscape, phasing, education provision and viability.

The site is currently being developed by a consortium of housebuilders.

Capability Statement

"As a landowner entrusting the promotion of family land assets to a promoter it is important to trust the whole promotion team. In promoting a 1,000 home scheme we were given huge confidence by the professionalism and skill displayed by CODE Development Planners and are thankful for the courtesy and understanding shown at all times by CODE’s team.”

“When the process became very complicated, we would sometimes call Mike up to help. He would always be happy to explain all aspects of the planning and post planning conditions and agreements, and do so in a way that was clear and easy to understand.

Hilary Carr, landowner