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South Maldon Garden Suburb

Location: Maldon District
Client: Commercial Estates Group
Size/Use: 1,375 homes, primary school, 3.4ha of employment land and associated infrastructure

CODE has led a multi-disciplinary team in the promotion of a new garden suburb extension to the town of Maldon.

Following extensive public consultation exercises in which the Promoters have taken a leading role, Maldon District Council (MDC) has allocated the site in the submitted Maldon District Local Plan as the larger part of the garden suburb. CODE is supporting the Council through the Local Plan EiP process. The Promoters have prepared a strategic masterplan framework for the area and this forms the basis of an application for planning permission.

The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and CODE is leading the negotiations with MDC, Essex County Council and other authorities. The delivery of the site requires detailed understanding and negotiation on matters such as highways, transport, ecology, flood risk, landscape, phasing, education provision and viability.